The Japanese culture is inherited now and forever. I pass on with pride "genuine Japanese traditional culture" from a viewpoint of past, present, and future.

The world is getting global and borderless.
To live through this international era, we should know about foreign countries as well as our own.
As for it “a true citizen of the world.”
We are now required to master each countries’ customs and manners, and to understand each culture and history.

The Japanese culture -which has existed quietly in our daily lives, and has been inherited gracefully- I wish to pass them down to any nationality and age as an opportunity that is more interesting, enjoyable, and acceptable rather than formal.

Don’t feel hesitant, it is just about acquiring grace.
That makes you view life with a new perspective.
I think Japanese tradition and culture is not an old-fashioned thing, they are more like a succeeded treasure which we should be proud of, as the whole world praises.

I put my value on ”Transmission” that hands down the old thing to posterity, and “Tradition” that innovates and challenges a new thing by using the same technique and material as well.

Business Overview

Taking over an education from Chofu Yanai, an originator, who is also my father, I have been performing transmission of Japanese traditional music and whole Japanese culture.

・Lesson of  KOTO (Japanese Harp), SHAMISEN (Japanese guitar), and Dressing KIMONO.
・Performing Japanese traditional music locally and overseas
・Giving lectures regarding Japanese Culture locally and overseas
・Open lecture, lesson, course, trial lesson by adopting any needs by personal, organizations, companies, or schools.
・Planning and supervising business regarding Japanese culture

Lesson room (Head office) : 5-61-8 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (near station: Keio-Inokashira-Line “Higashimatsubara station”
                   (Branch office) : Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (near station: Chiyoda-Line and Odakyu-Line “Yoyogi uehara station” / Keio-Shinsen-Line “Hatogaya station”)


We tend to think of 『Japanese traditional music』and『Japanese culture』as a formal thing.
I try to wipe off that image and convey a ”genuine” Japanese traditional culture that is never superficial, by adopting “global perspective” as well as flexible style within the time.
Lesson in English or Germany is also available since I have an experience living overseas.
I inherit Japanese culture『simply』,『amusingly』, and『enjoyable』depending on each students’ personality.

For further information, Please contact us.

Supervisor  Maki Yanai

Started learning Koto music of Ikuta school at the age of 3, Shamisen(Jiuta) at the age of 18,  under Chofu Yanai, her father.

Experienced her first stage at the age of 3.
Performs many shows, lectures and instruction, not only in domestic but also in Germany, Korea,  and Myanmar.
Her dynamic performance has been highly praised.
Also, trying joint performance actively with any genre such as western stringed instruments, western wind-instruments, and percussion instruments or art works, to hand down and diffuse Japanese instruments.
Instructing Koto for members in “ Drum TAO”, the Japanese Drum entertainment team.
Also well versed in KIMONO culture, she teaches KIMONO dressing technique, as well as  its history and trivia.
Opened Yanai Traditional Music and Culture in 2018.

Ikuta school  Master / Yanai Traditional Music  The chair / 「Chofu ensemble」Principal player
Kokushikan University, Instructor of the School of 21st Century Asia/
Aoyama KIMONO academy, Master / certified Japanese KIMONO consultant by All Japan KIMONO promotion association.

Started instructing 『Japanese traditional music』(essential elective class) in school of 21st century Asia, Kokushikan University, since 2014.
Stated instructing 『Dressing KIMONO』(Specially assigned demo lesson) in the same  university, same school, since 2019.


Graduated Waseda University, school of Social Science.
Studied abroad in Germany (Bonn University, School of Geography) in high school and university years.Got interested in connection of 『nature』and culture, that is one of the features of Japanese culture, and started pursuing environment field.

After graduating university, she continued performing and transmitting Japanese traditional music and other experience :
・Worked at Incorporated foundation in environment field.
・Worked at MTV Japan,Inc. CS broadcasting music entertainment company.
・Worked at Discovery Japan, Inc. The biggest non-fiction media company.

In charge of planning events, projects, or programs relating to social issues or social contribution. Retired and become independent in 2016.